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Madame X: The Dan Wootton Interview

With Madame X in full promo mode on, the reviews of the new album are making way to more intriguing interview stories.
The Sun‘s Dan Wootton, talks to Madonna in her London house on a special 30 minute episode of The Dan Wootton Interview, the only podcast interview promo for the new album. Read More

Remix “Crave” at Music Lab

Madame X’s exclusive Music Lab is here! Remix Crave at Apple Stores around the world. Starting now, you can reserve your spot for an upcoming Today at Apple session at Music Lab: Remix... Read More

A night with Madonna

Thanks to MadonnaTribe friend Nick for sharing these pictures of Madonna attending the exclusive one-off event hosted by Graham Norton for her fans in London at Alexandra Palace Theatre last night, celebrating the release of her brand new album Madame XRead More

More Madame X Review from the US Press

There are a few more Madame X reviews published on the online websites of several American media outlets – unsurprisingly many make sure to mention in a way or another that new Madonna album is dropping on the same day of the new record by Bruce Springsteen, Western StarsRead More

Madame X is… Out Now!

The wait is officially over…

Madame X has been travelling the world, from Lisbon to Medellín, Paris, New York, London, Rio… and is now ready to share her story, which is just at a click away from your fingertips… right hereRead More