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Lynn Ban

Lynn Ban: At the Grammys, Madonna has proved that she is the Queen!

Head over to the fabulous Madonna Art Vision fansite for their exclusive interview with jewelry designer Lynn Ban, who has been contibuting to the Queen of Pop’s iconic looks for photoshoots you’ve seen on Harper’s Bazaar, l’Uomo Vogue, V and Mojo magazine, video productions such as Secret Project Revolution and Living For Love, and events like the Super Bowl half time show and the 2015 GrammysRead More

Marianna Harutunian's Living For Love masks

Marianna Harutunian and her Minotaur masks

LA based jewelry designer Marianna Harutunian created the Minotaur masks for the Living For Love video in collaboration with Bea Åukerlund.
She has been sharing images of the twenty masks she crafted on her Instagram, revealing that they will be part of the Grammys performance, too! Read More


Channeling Francis Bacon!

The Rebel Heart era is set to start off with the biggest bang as the Queen of all Teasing posted on her Instagram an image where she channels Francis Bacon’s Study for a Bullfight No.1. Isn’t this going to be epic? Read More

The Madonna Bazaar(s)

The Madonna Bazaar(s)

And with the help of our friend and MadonnaTribe longtime contributor GIOrGIO at Super-Pop.it let’s make a recap of the International versions of “Harper’s Bazaar” which featured the magazine’s latest Madonna cover. Collectors who... Read More