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Lynn Ban

Lynn Ban: At the Grammys, Madonna has proved that she is the Queen!

Head over to the fabulous Madonna Art Vision fansite for their exclusive interview with jewelry designer Lynn Ban, who has been contibuting to the Queen of Pop’s iconic looks for photoshoots you’ve seen on Harper’s Bazaar, l’Uomo Vogue, V and Mojo magazine, video productions such as Secret Project Revolution and Living For Love, and events like the Super Bowl half time show and the 2015 GrammysRead More

Rebel Heart by Hami

Hami’s Rebel Heart

Back during the Hard Candy era MadonnaTribe was happy to feature a cool artwork created by our friend, artist Hami from Istanbul, Turkey.
Now Hami is back with another great piece inspired by the iconic Rebel Art cover photo he just made for MadonnaTribe. Read More

Madonna Soutient "Charlie"

Madonna Soutient ”Charlie”

Madonna was one of the public figures mentioned in one of the strips of Charlie Hebdo‘s latest issue – the first to be published after the terrorist attack to the offices of the satirical French magazine where 12 people lost their lives last week.

One of the features of today’s issue – an instant sell out around the world – was called “Premiere Bilan Des Jours D’Après” and was made of a double column with the + and the that happened in the days that followed the attack – drawn in Charlie’s very own style. Read More

”I proposed to her three times, but she refused me every time”

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk went down under for its 10th stop since its opening at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 2011, and Jane Rocca at The Weekly Review visited the exhibition with the designer himself as a very special guide.

In front of the first corset dress he designed in the early ’80s on display in the “boudoir” section of the exhibition’s themed rooms – a piece that made way for his cone-bra concept, here comes Madonna in the discussion. Read More

Glee’s Lucky Star

Glee’s Lucky Star

Yet another great cover enriches the list of the Madonna hits featured on “Glee” as in the 19th episode of series 5 Chris Colfer and June Squibb perform their rendition of “Lucky Star“. Listen... Read More

Capital Cities’ Holiday

Capital Cities’ Holiday

The opening scene of episode 20 from Grey’s Anatomy‘s 10th season airing on ABC featured the cover version of Madonna’s “Holiday” performed by Capital Cities. Often played live by the indie pop duo from... Read More

Meet Ray Caesar

Meet Ray Caesar

If you weren’t familiar with the undisputed leader of Digital Art before Madonna recently shared two of his artworks on her Instagram, you certainly know who Ray Caesar is by now. The London-born artist,... Read More