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Lovely Minotaur

Good times are coming!

From Madonna’s Instagram: NY state of Mind. Good times are coming! @bessnyc4 #bitchimmadonna ❤️#rebelheart Lonely Minotaur ❤️living for love! #artforfreedom ❤️#rebelheart

Matador and Minotaur

More inspirations from Madonna’s Instagram

Madonna has posted more of her inspirations on Instagram, and it will be easy to reconnect these new ones with the other images that were carrying references to the Greek myth of the Minotaur and to the figure of the Matador.

As usual Madonna tags friends and collaborators in the images she posts – and it’s alway very interesting to look at the names that pop-up as hints of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Unsurprisingly her most recent post sparkled more controversy in the comments, and this time Madonna made a second post with the same image to spend some extra words on the subject. Read More

Taylor Swift

Thanks now I’m dead

Thanks now I’m dead.

Taylor Swift posted this short comment on her Tumblr after learning what the Queen of Pop had to say about her and the Princess of Pop in the teaser preview of her promotional interview for Rebel Heart with Richard Wilkins on Today.  Read More


NRJ video interview to be streamed online

While the first interview for the Rebel Heart era just aired on Australian TV, news is just in from France that the NRJ interview with Madonna, which will air on January 30th at 6h30, 7h30 and 8h30 CET will also be available in video format and will be broadcasted online by the Radio NRJ website. Read More