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Mercy and David in Malawi

From Madonna’s Instagram: Mercy shares her bracelet looms with her new friends. #raisingmalawi #livingforlove Banda goes hard at kumbali soccer pitch! #barefoot #killinit #barefoot #killinit

Madonna at the Malawi State House

”Thank you for welcoming me here”

Madonna met Malawi President Peter Mutharika today, the third day of her new visit to the African country. They had a closed-door chat but the local media reports on the way the two greeted each other before the meeting started. President Mutharika welcomed her saying: Let me thank you for bringing David and Mercy to Malawi Madonna greeted Mutharika mentioning his late older brother Bingu, who passed away in 2012: Thank you for welcoming me here. I was a big fan of your brother; he was very kind to us. After the meeting Madonna also got to know the First...

In Malawi

Thanksgiving in Malawi

Lots of images and captions from Malawi on Madonna’s Instagram today:
My Hero Prof.Borgstien – he’s A Boss! Saving lives everyday at Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Happy Thanksgiving from Malawi!
Sharing on Thanksgiving!
Getting pushed around by Mercy James at Kondanani Orphanage!
The World is upside down! Count your blessings! They are endless.
Mabvuto thrives against all odds! The Future of Malawi!
Surgical Trainees at Queen Elizabeth Hospital! In the business of Miracles!
We Give Thanks at Queen Elizabeth Hospital after a successful operation!

Madonna's Instagram

Back in Malawi

If you had guessed that the basic travelling bitch was heading to Malawi, you were right! And here are the first images from Madonna and Rocco’s Instagram: Werking on my skilzz @missionariesofcharity #raisingmalawi #rebelheart   I just met a girl named Maria. @missionariesofcharity.   Who’s That Girl? #raisingmalawi   Back in Malawi

The X-Factor Stage

No Madonna for Simon

A Madonna for the X-Factor final rumour became sort of seasonal tradition in the British media, and like every year so far, here comes the report that it won’t happen – yet again.

Check out what the show’s mastermind himself, Simon Cowell revealed to the UK Metro.

Billbord 200 Albums

The Billboard 200 goes Streaming

The new Madonna album will compete in a completely different US albums chart, as Billboard will introduce a huge change with the chart that goes live on December 4th, 2014, when positions will not only be counted by the units sold but will also include live streams.

In the new formula the Billboard 200 albums chart will collect data from 1,500 Nielsen SoundScan streaming sources including Spotify, Beats and Google Playin addition to “track equivalent albums” counting ten total song downloads as an album sale.