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Rebel Heart

The ‘Rebel Heart’ heart

Mert Alas on Instagram reveals in full the third official image from the Rebel Heart project that was previously used by Madonna in her post about Nicki Minaj’s new album (and eagle-eyed fans won’t miss the detail of Madonna’s nail art which is the same that appears in the picture currently used to promote the album on iTunes). Read More

Living For Love

Living for creativity!

From Madonna’s Instagram:

Living for my fans! #livingforlove ❤️#rebelheart

Living for creativity! Well done @mertalas #respectartandtheorocess #myfansdoitbetter #rebelheart

Even Homer is #livingforlove #unapologeticbitch #rebelheart

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Rebel Heart

Madonna: ‘I’m living in a state of terror’

In an exclusive interview with The Guardian, Madonna defends her description of the leak of 13 unfinished demos from her forthcoming album as “a form of terrorism” and “artistic rape”. Madonna also explains she’s been “living in a state of terror” following the leak, adding that there was “a big possibility” that they were the result of her personal computer being hacked. Read More

Rebel Heart salutes The Pinkprint

Rebel Heart salutes The Pinkprint!

Madonna on Instagram shouts out at Nicki Minaj and her The Pinkprint album:

Rebel Heart salutes The Pinkprint! Here’s to another great collab! @nickiminaj @madonna Best of luck with your new record! #rebelheart #pinkprint #unapologeticbitches

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Rebel Heart

Rebel Heart tops the charts around the world

Madonna is currently #1 in 36 countries around the world with the release of six songs from her forthcoming album Rebel Heart. In virtually every country the songs were released, they held six of the ten slots on the Top 10 iTunes chart. In seven of those countries, she had multiple No. 1’s. The single Living for Love is currently No. 1 in 20 countries.

The news of the surprise drop came when Madonna posted a link late last night on Instagram announcing the release of the six songs as, “an early Christmas gift” to those that preordered the album. Fans immediately went to iTunes and drove the songs to #1 around the globe. Instantaneously Rebel Heart exploded on social media with the album topping the Billboard Trending 140 Chart. On Facebook #Madonna was the No. 1 trending topic and continues to trend there. Additionally, #Madonna and #RebelHeart have been trending on Twitter in the US all day.

Rebel Heart will be released in March 2015 on Interscope Records.
Producers include Madonna, Diplo (Living For Love, Bitch I’m Madonna, Unapologetic Bitch), Kanye West (Illuminati), Billboard (Ghosttown), DJ Dahi and Blood Diamonds (Devil Pray). The album was recorded in London, Los Angeles and New York. Read More

Rebel Heart

‘What an amazing experience’

Maureen MacDonald a.k.a Mozella is one of the talented musicians and songwriters who celebrate the success of the worldwide launch of Madonna’s Rebel Heart with one – or more – posts on the social media.
Here’s what she posted on her Instagram page @mozellamusic – revealing that she’s not only co-written Living for Love, Unapologetic Bitch, Illuminati, Bitch I’m Madonna and Joan of Arc, but that there will be more on the album once it’s released in full in March 2015. Read More



“Ghosttown” is the one song that has been released today as part of the Rebel Heart pre-order that wasn’t included in the batch of demos that leaked earlier this week. Contrary to earlier reports, Madonna did not pen the song on her own. The beautiful Ghosttown credits include American songwriters Sean Douglas, Evan Kidd Bogart and Jason Evigan. They all shared the excitement at the surprise news that “Rebel Heart” was available to pre-order today on their social media accounts.