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#RebelHeart Tour

Madonna is once again the Queen of teasing on Instagram. Dressed in the stunning Dolce & Gabbana red dress she’s been seen wearing before leaving Milan after the recording of her Che Tempo Che Fa episode, sitting on the bed of her hotel room in Paris, with a box of macarons… and a black three-stripe sock, Madonna mentions her Rebel Heart Tour for the very first time. Read More

Madonna UK Tour

Exclusive: and the World Tour starts from…

As a third and final update on our exclusive reports about the upcoming Madonna Tour, MadonnaTribe is happy to report that the Tour will begin in Miami. As you already know the date is set to August 29, 2015

MadonnaTribe Exclusive

Exclusive: And the Tour starts on…

With the promotion of Rebel Heart across Europe in full swing and the Tour announcement coming up tomorrow, it is time to bring back our dedicate Madonna Tour section back to the MadonnaTribe Forums.

Come and join fellow fans from all over the world, share info, memories and tips, and take part to the excitement building up.

Want some more? Here you have it, exclusively on… Read More

Rebel Heart

The Queen is in Milan

As you may already know if you’re following MadonnaTribe on Facebook and Twitter Madonna landed in Milan shortly before midnight last night; she will be recording her interview with Fabio Fazio and perform on Italian talk show Che Tempo Che Fa this afternoon. Read More

Madonna's Instagram

Thank you J.K. Rowling!

In her latest Instagram post Madonna thanks “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling who showed her support for the Queen of Pop following her backward tumble during her Brits Awards performance last wednesday. Read More