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Vanity Fair Italia

The Madonna cover story on the Italian “Vanity Fair”

As reported first on MadonnaTribe.com, Madonna stars on the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair Italia (No.9. March 17, 2015) , out today.
The magazine features a gorgeous cover and eight-page spread illustrating the interview Marco De Martino had with Madonna in New York City in January this year.
This also marks the premiere of the Terry Richardson photoshoot on an Italian magazine – and even if some of you may be raising their eyebrows at the “no new pictures” issue, we think that these images fit the Rebel Heart theme in the most brilliant way.
If you don’t want to miss this issue, please note that Vanity Fair Italia is a weekly publication.
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The Madonna Bazaar(s)

The Madonna Bazaar(s)

And with the help of our friend and MadonnaTribe longtime contributor GIOrGIO at Super-Pop.it let’s make a recap of the International versions of “Harper’s Bazaar” which featured the magazine’s latest Madonna cover. Collectors who... Read More