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Rebel Heart

The ‘Rebel Heart’ heart

Mert Alas on Instagram reveals in full the third official image from the Rebel Heart project that was previously used by Madonna in her post about Nicki Minaj’s new album (and eagle-eyed fans won’t miss the detail of Madonna’s nail art which is the same that appears in the picture currently used to promote the album on iTunes). Read More

Madonna for Versace

Versace with Madonna

Yes, the rumours were true! With these three images premiered on the Instagram page of Mert Alas the Queen of Pop becomes the face of Versace for the fourth time. VERSACE with MADONNA @madonna... Read More

How Dare She?

”How dare she?”

The Queen of Controversy is back and proves once again that nobody pushes buttons better than her. The worldwide press jumped on the Interview magazine cover story like kids on the presents under the... Read More

Interview - The Art Issue

Bird In A Cage

And it’s now time for Madonna herself to comment on the upcoming Interview Art issue – as usual she does it on her Instagram – in her own way. Read More