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Rebel Heart

Exclusive: Rebel Heart album booklet details

With the release of Rebel Heart barely two weeks ahead it’s time to start talking about the album booklet, and MadonnaTribe has some exclusive details to share about the design of the 19-track Deluxe version of Madonna‘s 13th studio release. Read More

The Minotaur

Don’t get too close to a minotaur!

Madonna is once again using her Instagram to make the strongest hints at what she’s currently busy with.
Her latest three images all reference the Greek myth of the Minotaur, the creature with a bull’s head and a human body who lived in the middle of the Labyrinth.
The first image she posted is a close-up of Francis Bacon‘s Study for Bullfight No 1, in the second image you’ll find tagged again her MDNA tour performers and choreographers Loic Mabanza, Chaz Buzan and Marvin Gofin while in the most recent image today Madonna tagged herself, Mert Alas, and Bessy NYC’s Doug AbrahamRead More

Grand Cru

It was a very good year

From Madonna’s Instagram:

It was a very good year,,,,,,,,,,,,❤️#rebelheartl

From Mert Alas’ Instagram:

My new girlfriends favourite champagne #rebeheart @madonna  Read More

Rebel Heart

The ‘Rebel Heart’ heart

Mert Alas on Instagram reveals in full the third official image from the Rebel Heart project that was previously used by Madonna in her post about Nicki Minaj’s new album (and eagle-eyed fans won’t miss the detail of Madonna’s nail art which is the same that appears in the picture currently used to promote the album on iTunes). Read More

Madonna and Mert Alas

They made it through the wilderness

Lots of excitement in Madonnaland this morning as the images posted by Madonna and Mert Alas on Instagram clearly hinted that something big happened on Sunday.

You probably did not miss that in her images Madonna tagged both art director Giovanni Bianco and photographer Mert Alas from the Mert and Marcus duo — together with her longtime stylist Arianne Phillips — and in her previous post last night she had a nod for Prada and Miu Miu’s Fabio ZambernardiRead More

Madonna's Instagram

Ready for my close up!

New updates from Madonna’s Instagram tonight – including a tag for Prada and Miu Miu’s longtime design director Fabio Zambernardi, and more interesting things going on at Mert Alas’ and Giovanni Bianco’s profiles… Read More