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Chicago night No. 6

A 11.20 PM start and a 1.55 finish for Sunday’s Madame X show at The Chicago Theatre. Those who were worried about a more-than-average number of tickets for the night available on Ticketmaster in the past few days will be happy to know that the whole venue was full, including the balcony. Read More

Chicago Night No. 4

The crowd at The Chicago Theatre last night was a lot more lively than Monday, which Madonna enjoyed throughout her fourth Madame X show in town. The comedy sections were quite a bit longer and a result the show, that started at 11 PM, finished at 1.45. Read More

“Hey Big Spender”

Madame X returned to The Chicago Theatre for the third tour show in Windy City. Last night she was on stage at 11.05 PM and the performance ended a quarter before 2 in the... Read More

Rebel Heart Tour in Chicago

Chicago pictures by Neil

Madonna and her Rebel Heart Tour set the United Center in Chicago on Monday night – this time the audience was graced with both Who’s That Girl and Ghosttown , a technical mix-up almost brought a replica of the Brit Awards accident at the beginning of Living For Love, and the gift for the unapologetic bitch brought onto stage from the audience changed from a banana to to the necklace Madonna wears in the video. Read More