Happy Birthday M

Happy Birthday M!

Today MadonnaTribe not only wish a happy birthday to the woman that has been an example to whole generations but we also thank the forces of the Universe for giving us such an amazing... Read More

Rebel Heart Tour

Madonna reveals Rebel Heart Tour costume designers

Warning: this article contains Rebel Heart Tour spoilers is taking their tradition of revealing the Madonna tour costume sketches to the next level today, as the Queen of Pop exclusively told the fashion-industry journal the names of the designers who made the cut for her next road adventure. Read More

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Madonna looks back on Truth or Dare

It’s one of the best music documentaries ever – and offered viewers an unfettered look at one of the world’s biggest celebrities. But what does the film’s subject, Madonna, think about the movie, Truth or Dare, 24 years after its release? Read More

Madonna and Taylor Smith

“Madonna says she ‘might’ perform with Taylor Swift again”

Warning: this article contains Rebel Heart Tour spoilers

Andy Cohen served as guest editor of this week’s issue of EW—and, in it, he had a juicy heart to (rebel) heart with his favorite pop star, Madonna. After getting the scoop about the Queen of Pop’s upcoming tour, Cohen also got the singer to share her thoughts on another superstar: Taylor SwiftRead More

Rebel Heart Tour

“Madonna breaks down the rigorous work going into her upcoming Rebel Heart tour”

Warning: this article contains Rebel Heart Tour spoilers

Andy Cohen guest-edited EW’s latest issue so of course he had to talk to his favorite pop star Madonna about her massive Rebel Heart tour, which kicks off Sept. 9 in Montreal. By her own estimation, the Material Girl has been spending 10 to 12 hours a day prepping for the string of gigs—a schedule so rigorous that an aide follows her to make sure she stays nourished. “I call her the food police,” Madonna tells Cohen. “ ‘Are you eating? Did you drink enough water?’ I’m like, ‘Bitch, get off my pole!’” Read More