If you’re coming to see Madame X – Stand Up!

The first Madame X theatre show at the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco was a bit of a different one from the artist-audience interaction point of view, one would say it didn’t go too well. The crowd was seated for much of the show which clearly upset Madonna. During God Control – the opening number – most of the audience remained seated until mid way through when they finally woke upRead More

Chicago night No. 6

A 11.20 PM start and a 1.55 finish for Sunday’s Madame X show at The Chicago Theatre. Those who were worried about a more-than-average number of tickets for the night available on Ticketmaster in the past few days will be happy to know that the whole venue was full, including the balcony. Read More

Crave Remixes Pt. 1

The fantastic remixes for Madonna and Swae Lee’s Crave are finally available for streaming and digital download.

Crave – Remixes Pt.1 includes some of the promotional remixes released in the past weeks and two previously unreleased versions courtesy of Otto Benson and Dan De Leon & Anthony Griego. Read More