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Exclusive: Good-bye stadiums, hello arenas!

With Madonna’s Rebel Heart album only a few weeks ahead it’s time to talk about touring.
And while here at MadonnaTribe we have just hints of what seem to be some changes in the live band, an exciting thing we heard is the new tour is being shaped up as an arena showRead More

Rebel Heart album cover

Rebel Heart tracklisting up on iTunes

The iTunes music store has revealed the complete tracklisting of Madonna’s Rebel Heart album.
In addition to the 6 songs that were released last month there are the final versions of 13 of the demo tracks that leaked on the internet last year. Read More

Living For Love

Putting my foot down!

More Living For Love teasing – and more hints of traje de luces – the traditional bullfighter costume – on Madonna’s Instagram last night… Read More


Madonna will be Living For Love on Beatport

On Facebook and Instagram Madonna reveals more remixes for Living For Love and announces that the pack will be dropping soon online and on the Beatport platform.
Also, the talented Dubtronic will be thrilled to learn that his great extended version of Living For Love, although not officially commissioned nor released, scored a nod from the Queen herself with a certain image… Read More


Channeling Francis Bacon!

The Rebel Heart era is set to start off with the biggest bang as the Queen of all Teasing posted on her Instagram an image where she channels Francis Bacon’s Study for a Bullfight No.1. Isn’t this going to be epic? Read More


Remixers for the Queen

The dee-jays and producers behind the remix-pack for Living for Love that has been released today shared their excitement on the social network and commented about what means for them to have been picked up by the Queen of Pop herself. Read More

Rebel Heart

Madonna Strikes Back

Inside Madonna’s star-packed new album ‘Rebel Heart’: Rolling Stone magazine investigates how after a devastating leak, the Queen took back control of her 2015 LP with a swift and dramatic response. Read More

I Am Nigeria

Why aren’t we talking about Nigeria?

From Madonna’s Instagram:

Why aren’t we talking about Nigeria? Boko Haram has killed 2000 people in an attack in Northern Nigeria! Barbaric and heartbreaking! We must stop the violence and support Nigerian people! #iamnigeria #revolutionoflove

The people of Nigeria matter too! I am not just Charlie #iamnigeria ❤️#rebelheart

 Read More