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Paris show No. 4

The fourth Madame X theatre show in the City of Lights started at 11:07 PM and ended at 12:55 AM.

It was a very emotional one, with Madonna breaking into tears during the Polaroid selfie moment because of the pain caused by her injuries. Read More

Show No. 2 in Paris

The second theatre show at Le Grand Rex started at 11:05 PM last night and ended two hours later. Madonna performed the short version of her Madame X Tour setlist opening with Vogue with a few unexpected moments. Read More

Paris is ready for Madame X

In these pictures taken at night by MadonnaTribe reader Silvester, Le Grand Rex in Paris shines in its full Madame X glory – and features beatiful poster ads carring images by Ricardo Gomes and the glowing reviews of Madonna’s theatre tour from the press. Read More

Show No. 9 in London

The London show No. 9 was a pretty straight run last night. After a two-day rest break and a visit to the Dora Maar exhibition at the Tate Modern, Madonna was back at The Palladium with the full version of her show which started just after 9 PM and ended at 11.10 PM. Read More