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Bitch I'm Madonna

Bitch I’m Certified

Vevo has just announced that Madonna notched 100M views on her star-studded video for Bitch I’m Madonna feat. Nicki Minaj, directed by Jonas Akerlund. Read More

Madonna with Jonas Akerlund

Jonas Akerlund reflects on greatest collaborations with Madonna

Director Jonas Akerlund has worked with Madonna on some of her most iconic music videos, bringing Ray of Light, American Life and Music to life. After he ​shared behind-the-scenes stories from her most recent video, Bitch I’m Madonna, Akerlund gave EW the inside scoop on what it was like to put together the rest of their greatest collaborations. Read More

Rita Ora

Rita Ora Teases Madonna’s New Video

Madonna herself confirmed that her upcoming video will include many surprise guests, and tagged many of them in some of her recent Instagram posts, and now one of them spilled the beans about working with the Queen of Pop on the set of Bitch I’m MadonnaRead More

Bitch I'm Madonna

Rise and Shine NY!

And it’s now time for Madonna herself to tease us about the shooting of her new video on her Instagram. Have a close look at the people she tagged and the (rather clear) hints she gave about the location of the set in her last two images. Read More