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Rebel Heart

‘What an amazing experience’

Maureen MacDonald a.k.a Mozella is one of the talented musicians and songwriters who celebrate the success of the worldwide launch of Madonna’s Rebel Heart with one – or more – posts on the social media.
Here’s what she posted on her Instagram page @mozellamusic – revealing that she’s not only co-written Living for Love, Unapologetic Bitch, Illuminati, Bitch I’m Madonna and Joan of Arc, but that there will be more on the album once it’s released in full in March 2015. Read More

These People! This music!

These People! This music!

More images from the recording studio appeared on Madonna’s Instagram and also on the profiles of some of her new workmates: These People! This music! @diplo @mozella @tobygad @arielrechtshaid @nickrowe @gotosleepmotherf$&ckers! Living For Love???I... Read More