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Diplo talks Madonna and Nicki Minaj Collaboration

Diplo and Skrillex stopped by Ebro’s show on Hot 97 to talk not only their music, dates and beefs but also revealed that we can expect a crazy song from Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj.

Check out what he said in the video below from Def Pen Radio – around the 10 minute mark. Read More

Madonna's Instagram

Living for Sleep

It looks like Madonna and her recording team were up for another long night in the studio:here’s a look at her latest – very late night – update on Instagram: Hardly Twerking. #livingforsleep Camp... Read More

MNEK working with Diplo and Madonna

Lemons and Tea Bags

She’s really cool. So lovely and very motherly. She gave me a bag full of lemons and Throat Coat tea bags. They’re pretty amazing. MNEK, who teamed up with Diplo to contribute a song... Read More