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London Fan Party – March 2015!

The One and Only London Madonna Fan Party is back for the 23rd event – the Rebel Heart London Launch Party on SATURDAY 28th MARCH at G-A-Y Late!

As always – entry is absolutely FREE – for the fans, by the fans, with a helping hand from Madonna’s team as usual and the G-A-Y crew – ensuring no door cover, prize giveaways, drinks offers and a pure 8 hours of Madonna!

As well as the Rebel Heart album tracks, we’ll be celebrating 25 Years since Blond Ambition with an exclusive broadcast of the tour. Read More

The X-Factor Stage

”I just don’t think she’s promoting at the moment”

Will a word from the X-Factor guru himself finally stop this year’s rumours about Madonna “snubbing” the show’s final tonight?

Simon Cowell told Digital Spy and others at The Sun’s Military Awards:

I don’t actually call her every week saying ‘Do you want to come on the show?’
I just said if she wanted to, we’d love to have her on. But there’s no snub. I just don’t think she’s promoting at the moment.

 Read More

How Dare She?

”How dare she?”

The Queen of Controversy is back and proves once again that nobody pushes buttons better than her. The worldwide press jumped on the Interview magazine cover story like kids on the presents under the... Read More

Madonna by Mario Testino

Testino’s most memorable shoot chatted to the fashion photographer Mario Testino about his career highlights, inspirations, and most importantly, his star subjects.
Here is what he answered when they asked him about his most memorable shoot to date. Read More

The X-Factor Stage

No Madonna for Simon

A Madonna for the X-Factor final rumour became sort of seasonal tradition in the British media, and like every year so far, here comes the report that it won’t happen – yet again.

Check out what the show’s mastermind himself, Simon Cowell revealed to the UK Metro. Read More

Dermot O' Leary with Madonna

We’re going to have mojitos

English tv host Dermot O’Leary sat down for a chat on Heat Radio with Lucie Cave this morning ahead of the release of his biography book, Soundtrack To My Life.
The X Factor presenter also shared some tidbits about the time he interviewed the Queen of Pop for the “Confessions Of Madonna” special that aired November 27, 2005 on Channel 4. Read More

True Blue

Still True Blue

Madonna’s True Blue album re-enters the UK chart at number 21 this week, with the help of Google Play’s latest 99p download promo. The album appears back in the Top 75 for the first... Read More