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Madame X on “Today” tomorrow.

During the press junket in London ahead of her new album release, Madonna sat down with Today’s Harry Smith, opening up about motherhood and what it has taught her.

The interview will be aired in full tomorrow on the Today Show on NBC.
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Madonna takes on frightening world with new album “Madame X”

In a new interview with Reuters filmed at the press junket in London the other day, Madonna discusses the political themes on her new album – gun control, poverty and the marginalized, her desire to “fight back” in what she sees as a frightening modern world, and how she was horrified by moves to restrict LGTBQ and women’s rights, namely in her native United States. Read More

Medellín – Remixes Pt. 2 Drops Tonight

The second batch of club remixes for Madonna and Maluma’s Medellín is dropping at midnight tonight, but they are already listed on Dezeer – they are four new mixes and a variation of the Offer Nissim version you already know. Read More

Madame X Recap: Tracklistings and Formats

It’s time for a final recap of the tracklisting of Madonna’s Madame X album dropping tomorrow, Friday, 14 June 2019. Not all information so far has been crystal clear and there are indeed a lot of different physical formats, but as it’s all about the music, let’s start looking at the tracklistingsRead More

Everybody Chill

The tabloids had a very short time to feast over the reports of a devastated Madonna struggling to sell tickets for her Madame X Tour as set the record straight – with facts – focusing on her New York City residency. Read More

The 18 tracks of Madame X

There have been a few conflicting rumours about the content of the Deluxe Edition of Madame X, mainly because the bonus tracks on the second disc were never mentioned in detail by the official press releases.
With the new album now ready to hit the stores on Friday, we can confirm that the disc 2 is indeed an audio CD with three unreleased songs, and the tracklisting is the same one we first published in AprilRead More

Madame X Press

With only a few days to go before the album drops on Friday, Madame X is busy meeting the press – but she found the time to share some shots and videos – be sure to check out Madonna‘s Instagram Stories for more! Read More