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Interview - The Art Issue

Bird In A Cage

And it’s now time for Madonna herself to comment on the upcoming Interview Art issue – as usual she does it on her Instagram – in her own way. Read More

Madonna's Instagram posts from Malawi

Love and dust swirls around us!

From Madonna’s Instagram: Im taking this guy’s advice! #reeeltallk #raisingmalawi Ray of Light in Kasungu! #raisingmalawi Marching Banda………….. Love and dust swirls around us! #homeofhope #raisingmalawi Teaching Luka bad Habits! #homeofhope #livingforlove I swear... Read More

Madonna in Malawi

Team Shirt – Team No Shirt!

From Madonna’s Instagram:
Team Shirt!
Grass-Roots Soccer Program at Home of Hope Orphanage. Team No Shirt! Every Game has Rules………
Chillin with Luka at Home Of Hope Orphanage! My lil G*
He’s Polo Im Gucci!
 Read More

Madonna's Instagram

Unity and Freedom

From Madonna’s Instagram: A meeting of the minds with President Mutharika! Read the sign! Unity and Freedom. They go hand in hand! #raisingmalawi #livingforlove

Madonna's Instagram

Mercy and David in Malawi

From Madonna’s Instagram: Mercy shares her bracelet looms with her new friends. #raisingmalawi #livingforlove Banda goes hard at kumbali soccer pitch! #barefoot #killinit #barefoot #killinit

In Malawi

Thanksgiving in Malawi

Lots of images and captions from Malawi on Madonna’s Instagram today:
My Hero Prof.Borgstien – he’s A Boss! Saving lives everyday at Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Happy Thanksgiving from Malawi!
Sharing on Thanksgiving!
Getting pushed around by Mercy James at Kondanani Orphanage!
The World is upside down! Count your blessings! They are endless.
Mabvuto thrives against all odds! The Future of Malawi!
Surgical Trainees at Queen Elizabeth Hospital! In the business of Miracles!
We Give Thanks at Queen Elizabeth Hospital after a successful operation! Read More

Madonna's Instagram

Back in Malawi

If you had guessed that the basic travelling bitch was heading to Malawi, you were right! And here are the first images from Madonna and Rocco’s Instagram: Werking on my skilzz @missionariesofcharity #raisingmalawi #rebelheart... Read More