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Madonna’s latest three posts on Instagram give us a sort of overview of what happened in the recent days – with the Interview cover story and the Versace campaign images released – and her reaction to the leak of two incomplete tracks from her new material. Read More

Interview - The Art Issue

Bird In A Cage

And it’s now time for Madonna herself to comment on the upcoming Interview Art issue – as usual she does it on her Instagram – in her own way. Read More

Madonna's Instagram posts from Malawi

Love and dust swirls around us!

From Madonna’s Instagram: Im taking this guy’s advice! #reeeltallk #raisingmalawi Ray of Light in Kasungu! #raisingmalawi Marching Banda………….. Love and dust swirls around us! #homeofhope #raisingmalawi Teaching Luka bad Habits! #homeofhope #livingforlove I swear... Read More

Madonna in Malawi

Team Shirt – Team No Shirt!

From Madonna’s Instagram:
Team Shirt!
Grass-Roots Soccer Program at Home of Hope Orphanage. Team No Shirt! Every Game has Rules………
Chillin with Luka at Home Of Hope Orphanage! My lil G*
He’s Polo Im Gucci!
 Read More

Madonna's Instagram

Unity and Freedom

From Madonna’s Instagram: A meeting of the minds with President Mutharika! Read the sign! Unity and Freedom. They go hand in hand! #raisingmalawi #livingforlove

Madonna's Instagram

Mercy and David in Malawi

From Madonna’s Instagram: Mercy shares her bracelet looms with her new friends. #raisingmalawi #livingforlove Banda goes hard at kumbali soccer pitch! #barefoot #killinit #barefoot #killinit